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While Make Pak Money believes on truth and never let you to go behind the false things.
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Working Details
It is said to be very difficult to earn money through Google Adsense while sitting at home, this is the reason that very few people earn dollars through Adsense in a legal way while most of the people lost their account due to the fake clicks. Lots of Pakistani friends could not earn anything through Adsense due to the lack of knowledge.

It all happens due to five basic reasons:

1. They make free websites on BlogSpot.

2. If they made their domain, they do not update it on daily basis.

3. They don’t have enough knowledge of the top ranked topics through which they can generate the target traffic on their website.

4. They don’t have knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), keywords, submission, Meta tag, labels, linking, HTML, impression, page index, internet marketing, link popularity, rank, spam, spider, promotion etc.

5. They don’t know how to give professional look to their website, they neither know the applications of PHP, ASP, and HTML nor have knowledge of web designing.

Due  to  the  absence  of  above  mentioned  knowledge  people  ask  their  friends  and  family  to  make  a  fake  click  on  their  links  and  because  of  this  fraud  they  lose  their  Adsense  account.  But  now  you  don’t  have  to  do  anything. You  just  get  relaxed  and  let  Make Pak Money  do  your  work  in  a  100%  professional  way.

Make Pak Money  will  provide  you  a  complete  optimized  website  domain , hosting  with  the  best  design  on  which  after  every  8  hour  means  daily  3  articles  will  be  updated,  and  also  your  website  articles ’  headlines  will  be  auto  updated  on  more  than  10  big  social  networks  sites  of  the  world  including  face  book,  my  space  and  twitter .  Because  of  updating  3  new  articles  daily  and  fabulous  optimization  of  Make Pak Money,  your  website  will  soon  be  in  the  search  list  of  world  top  search  engines  like  Google, yahoo, Bing, MSN, Ask etc  and  it  will  bring  original  traffic  on  your  website  on  daily  basis  along  with  that  traffic  which  come  through  social  networking  sites  will  help  to  make  your  website  popular  If  you  have  Google  Adsense  account  than  whatever  size  and  ring Make Pak Money  tells  you  place  its  code  in  the  given  place.  Immediately  your  website  will  start  receiving  ads  and  you  will  start  earning  dollars.  Good  news:  except  Google  Adsense  in  text  advertising  company  info  links,  pay  per  click  ad  agency  ad  bright  and  top  affiliated  programs  click  banks  and  amazons’  account  will  be  made  on  your  name  and  address  and  their  ad  will  be  seen  on  your  website  by  which  you  can  earn  more  dollars. 

Note: if  you  don’t  have  Google Adsense  account  than don’t  worry  because  Make Pak Money  will  provide  you  not  only  free  original  Adsense  account  on  your  name  and  address  along  with  the  membership  but  also  place  the  codes  on  your  website  itself.  As  the  code  is  placed  on  your  website  you  can  immediately  start  earning  from  Adsense  through  legal  way.

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