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It is said to be very difficult to earn money through Google Adsense while sitting
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Data Entry Projects

Easy Make Money With Simple Data Copy Pasting Projects Earn Upto Rs.35,000 (400$) Per Month.
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How Pay Fees

Very Easy Payment Method Through PayPal, Easy Paisa, Bank Transfer, Western Union.
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Our Membership Details

The  one  time  membership  fees  of  up  to  date  makepakmoney   website  is  only  Rs.7000,(75$)  beside  this makepakmoney  will  not  charge  you  anything  in  whole  year  and  in  this  nominal  fee  you  can  get  following  facilities  for  the  whole  year  without  any  extra  charges.

Easy Cash Generating Website Membership Details

1.      For  one  year  free  dot  com  domain,  unlimited  free  hosting,  unlimited  free  bandwidth,  one  FTP  account  and  5  email  account   on  your  name.

2.      For  one  year,  3  copy  right  articles  will  be  uploaded  daily  on  your  website ( one new article after every 8 hour),  so  that  your  website  can  be  visible  in  the  list  of  top  search  engine  and  daily  original  traffic  can  come  on  it.

3.      Along  with  the  membership  of  makepakmoney  you  will  get  a  free  original  Google  adsense  account  on  your  name  and  address. In  Pakistan  for  Google  adsense  account's  policies  are  getting  very  strict  and  new  account  is  very  much  difficult  to  be  approved.  Beside  Google  Adsense  account  you  will  get  Infolinks,  Ad  Bright,  Click  Bank and  Amazon’s  accounts  absolutely  free.

4.      Every  article  of  your  website  will  be daily  updated  on  Facebook,  My Space,  Bebo,  Hi Five,  Linkedin,  Tagged,  Google biz and  on  more  than  10  social  networks.  It  will  increase  the  traffic  on  your  website.

5.      Your  website  will  also  be  updated  on  twitter,  every  link  will  be  posted  daily  which  will  make  your  link  famous  and  make  your  rank  better.

6.      The  complete  professional  coding  of  Google  Analytic  will  be  done  on  your  website  through  which  you  can  have  a n  eye  o n  the  p rogress  of  your  website  and  can  increase  your  income.  Along  with  this  there  will  be  a  counter  on  your  website,  you  can  log  on  there  and  can  see  that  how  many  visitors  have  visited  your  site  in  a  day.

7.      Your  website  will  be  auto  ping  on  all  RSS  feed  networks  as  it  get  updated  daily,  it  will  make  RSS  feed  users  easy  to  reach  to  your  links.  Along  with  this  there  will  be  ads  on  your  website’s  RSS  feed  which  will  cause  the  amazing  clicks  and  more  income.

8.      There  will  be  reader  subscribe  link  on  your  website.  Whoever  subscribes  it  via  his/her  email,  daily  a  new  article  will  be  automatically  sent  to  his/her  e-mail  id  along  with  the  ads.  Means  you  can  earn  through  4  ways,  website ,  RSS,  search  and  e-mail.

9.      Your  website  will  also  contain  Adsense’s  search  box  which  will  help  you  to  earn  via  Adsense  search .

10.     You  can  earn  lots  of  dollars  not  only  from  Adsense  but  also  from  Infolinks,  Ad  Bright,  Click Bank  and Amazon  as  well .

11.      You  will  be  told  about  the  methods  of  earning  through  Adsense  and  Infolinks,  Ad  Bright,  top  affiliated  programs  like  Click  Bank  and  Amazon  and  Adsense  affiliated  programs.  Actually  people  don’t  have  awareness  that  how  to  earn  dollars  along  with  Google  Adsense  and  other  programs.  We  will  provide  you  all  the  information  so  that  you  can  earn  more  dollars.

12.       For  more  popularity  in  less  time  we  will  email  you  Search  engine  optimization ,  site  submission ,  directory  submission ,  site  linking ,  internet  marketing ,  web  link  popularity ,  rank  and  promotion  tips, ideas  and  useful  techniques  every  month You will  get the  useful  products  of makepakmoney  absolutely  free  with  the  membership.  If   you  wish  to  earn  dollars  through  Google  Adsense  by  working  from  home  than  you  have  to  work  two  hours  daily  on  any  one  product.  We  will  tell  you  the  complete  process  and  usage.

13.      You  will  also  be  provided  2000  yahoo  groups  free  for  the  maximum  original  clicks  on  Adsense.  Yahoo  groups  are  the  easiest  and  long  lasting  way  of  earning  dollars.  You  can  post  the  link  of  your  website  absolutely  free  and  generate  attractive  income  daily.  (One hour work daily).

14.     We  will  provide  you  75  social  marketing  website’s  online  software  free  for  the  world  wide  promotion  of  your  website  and  original  clicks  on  Adsense.  It  will  help  in  bookmarking your  website  in  just  one  click (daily 15 minutes work)

15.      In  order  to  include  your  website  on  Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, ASK and  in  world’s 500  domestic  and  regional  search  engines  on  a  good rank,  we  will  provide  you  free  software  for  search  engine  submission  and  site  optimization .  It  will  help  you  to  be  in  the  all  500  search  engines  easily  on  top  key  words. (once in a month)

16.      You  will  be  provided  100  classified  sites  list  in  which  you  can  earn  dollar  through  original  traffic ,  position  in  search  engine ,  outstanding  back  linking  and  Adsense,  simply  by  including  a  onetime  free  title  of  your  website  and  its  introduction. (once in a year)

17.      You  will  also  be  provided  a  list  of  700  world’s  famous  web  directories  in  which  your  website  will  be  submitted  once .  The  advantage  of  this  submission  is  that  you  will  not  have  to worry  about  traffic  and  earning  through  Adsense.(One time submission in a year)

18.      You  will  be  provided  a  list  of  100  book  marking  submission  sites ,  in  which  you  can  submit  new  articles  of  your  website  daily  which  will  help  you  to  getting  traffic  into  your  website.  But  keep  in  mind  that  now  a  day  social  book  marking  is  considered  to  be  a  short  cut  to  earning  through  Adsense. (onetime submission in a year)

19.     You  will  be  provided  300  press  release  distribution  site’s  list.  Your  website  will  be  promote  absolutely  free  and  through  good  site  linking  your  earning  will  increase  if  you  submit  the  famous  articles  of  your  website  with  free  press  release  link .  (3 times submission in one year)

20.      We  will  give  you  1  million  email  addresses  and  auto  e-mail  software’s  cd  with  the  help  of  this  you  can  promote  your  website  all  over  the  world , you  can  also  increase  your  number  of  friends  in  thousands  and  by  promoting  your  website  you  can  definitely  earn  through  Adsense. (Once in a week).

21.      If  you  really  want  to  earn  more  than  you  have  to  work  regularly  on  classified  web  directories ,  press  release ,  book  marking ,  e-mail  address  list  and  search  engine  software  given  by  MakePakMoney.  If  you  work  on these  lists  and  MakePakMoney’s  tips  daily  2  to  3  hours  than  you  can  increase  your  earning  up  to  200  dollars  monthly

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